Gretchen Zarle, DVM

Chief of Staff Advisor

Dr. Zarle's dad grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, so her Ohio roots run deep.  She came from high school in Massachusetts to attend The Ohio State University and graduated with a BS in Dairy Science in 1986.  She then attended veterinary school in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee, graduating in 1989.  She initially practiced near Indianapolis, IN and returned to Ohio in 1992 to join Bartels Pet Hospital.  Dr. Zarle enjoys educating clients and working up medical cases, but she loves surgery and dentistry.  She also works with the Humane Society of Ashland County and helps to teach surgical assisting to vocational high school students in their veterinary science program.

On the flip side, when not taking care of your pets, Dr. Zarle loves to dabble in lots of everything - starting a million projects that often go unfinished!  She loves to explore, bake, read, and travel.  She and her husband often enjoy the company of one of their three young adult children.  Dr. Zarle's little menagerie currently consists of a Leopard Gecko, cat Vito and dogs Danny and Clara.

Digging a little deeper into what makes Dr. Zarle tick, we asked some very probing questions.  What makes Dr. Z salivate?  Popcorn!  She eats it for dinner at least twice a week. Add chocolate and coffee to the mix and she won't need anything else.  What makes her tear up?  Marching bands and parades.  Every. Time.  If she were not a veterinarian, she would likely be a dairy farmer (remember that undergraduate degree?).  The avocation of her dreams, however, would be an adventure travel blogger.  She has parachuted from a plane, slept in a Maasai hut in Africa and is always on the search for the world's tallest roller coaster.  Her Achilles heel is anything that has to do with style.  Hair, clothing, decor......nope.  Can't seem to master style.  Dr Zarle has always been a bookworm. Her favorite book genres are narrative nonfiction (think anything by Erik Larson) and historical fiction (favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird).  Her perfect day would be alternating playing in the ocean waves with sitting on the beach with a book and a beer.

Gretchen Zarle