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Breaking news at Bartels Pet Hospital

Breaking news at Bartels Pet Hospital
July 12, 2022

Up to the minute news at Bartels Pet Hospital

Our phones allow you to leave an immediate message if you wish to place a request for medication refills or prescription food.  Please listen to the prompts as your phone call will be forwarded to a live team member at our front desk if you do NOT wish to order medicine/food.  You will NOT be directed to voice mail unless all of our lines are busy.  So, do not hang up and redial if your call is answered by the prompting system.  If you do need to leave a voice mail, our staff will return your call promptly.

We have added the option to LIVE 2 WAY TEXT into the hospital. The number is 1-440-571-7223. Please use this number if you wish to contact us via text. COVID has taught us that your pets are less stressed if they spend less time in the hospital, so you may wish to stay in your vehicle and check in by phone or text.  There is sometimes a slight relay delay in our text system, so if we do not respond promptly, you may call 440-526-4818 to check in as well.

We offer curbside service for our clients who prefer to stay in their vehicles while their pet is seen by the doctors.  Please indicate to the staff if you would like your pet's appointment to be curbside or if you would like to accompany your pet inside the hospital.

Food and medications can be delivered curbside as well - just call or text in from the parking lot.   Use our outside Drop Off Box if you need to return a stool sample. It is the marked mailbox hung by the exit door.

Our focus is always on caring for your pets and trying to communicate with you as effectively as possible!  We are utilizing all forms of communication in order to minimize your waiting time when you need to hear from us.  We can text, email and call!  Please share with us your preferred numbers and up-to-date email addresses - these are for internal use ONLY and are used to make sure we get you all the information you need in a timely way!

If you have any questions regarding our protocols, please refer here or on our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute notifications! Thank you!

The entire team!

Gretchen Zarle DVM, Barb Akl DVM, Anne Soinski DVM, and Mary Ann Tima DVM